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How Can I Support the Roosevelt Center?

Donate to the Roosevelt Center

The Roosevelt Center building is 102 years old and has served Red Lodge youth for more than 80 of those years as a community school. Today, the Roosevelt Center continues to meet community needs by providing a space to nurture arts and cultural activities, support local artists, invigorate the local economy through economic development and historic preservation, and encourage community dialogue and connection. ​ 


When you donate to the Roosevelt Center, you are supporting: 

  • youth performing arts programming through theater classes, all-ages open-mic nights, musical performances, and other activities focused on connecting youth with the arts and giving them a chance to explore their talents; 

  • local artists by providing affordable and accessible main street studio spaces so that artists can collaborate with each other and create public awareness about their work; 

  • the preservation and restoration of the historic Roosevelt building so that future generations can experience the architecture, culture, and stories of our community throughout the building’s 102-year history; 

  • general operations that ensure there is staffing and resources to carry out the mission and vision of the Center. 


Every donation makes a difference, and we are grateful for your generosity!  




Roosevelt Center Endowment Fund  


If creating a vibrant and sustainable arts and cultural community in Carbon County is important to you, then a donation to the Roosevelt Center Endowment is a great fit. 


This endowment creates stability and sustainability by strategically investing assets for long-term growth while also providing earning disbursements to support current priorities. Donations to the Roosevelt Center Endowment are 100% tax deductible.  


Your support will allow future generations to experience the arts within the walls of the Roosevelt Center. It will also ensure that the Roosevelt Center continues to be a community space for events and dialogue. 



Roosevelt Center Capital Support 


Several capital improvements have been made to the Roosevelt Building since it was purchased by the Red Lodge Area Community Foundation in 2017. These improvements are helping us make progress toward the goal of opening the entire building for public use.  


Additional capital projects include updates to the 1921 wing so that it is brought up to code,  

repair and restoration of the historic parapets, corbels, and chimney, new windows, and the installation of a four-stop elevator.  


Your generosity is providing a physical community space where ALL people are invited and welcome to participate.  


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