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About the Project

The Roosevelt Center provides space for the arts, culture, performances, receptions, conferences, education, and community gathering spaces. There are both indoor and outdoor venues for people to interact, converse, celebrate and express themselves.  By revitalizing the Old Roosevelt school building, our mission is to:

Improve Economic Benefits to Main Street

The Roosevelt Center engages tourists and locals alike to see Red Lodge as a destination for conferences and events, benefiting local merchants and lodging facilities. This leads to the creation of more businesses and more jobs.


There is space for local arts organizations and

businesses who need space, while also incubating new artist and business endeavors.


Protect and Preserve the Beartooth Mountain Range and Eco System

We are fortunate to be located at the base of the Beartooth Mountains, the beginning of the Beartooth Highway All-American Road, and a gateway community to Yellowstone National Park.


By increasing  opportunities for people to explore and deepen their experience of the area, we hope to expand the stories of each person's experience through a variety of creative expressions, including art, photography, writing, and engaged conversations.

beartooth run (26).JPG

Support and Strengthen Democracy

We strive to create equality in our community planning by facilitating community leadership, breaking down barriers, enhancing asset management sessions, with a focus on increased engagement of youth and creatives to strengthen their voice in community planning.


We deepen our sense of place and provide opportunities for people to create meaningful cultural events that engage people to participate from all over the world.


We encourage Gracious Space tenants, Spirit, Setting, Inviting the Stranger and Learning in Public, to public meetings to create a community that is representative of the whole.


Create a Sustainable Community

Keeping the community sustainable by utilizing existing resources through the revitalization and preservation of this 1920’s historic building its prime location on our main street, and further developing the south entrance of Red Lodge.


By illustrating the tie between the past and the future and inspiring the endeavors of other historic buildings in Red Lodge, we will lengthen the main street by 3 blocks, positioning arts and culture anchors on both ends of ­our vibrant town, creating a venue that is accessible to everyone and increasing the walk-ability of the community.

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