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Youth and Art Garden

The garden on the southwest corner of the Roosevelt Center property has a long history in Red Lodge, dating back to when the building was still active as a school. Over the years, many community volunteers and local kids have had their hands in the garden's soil.

Now, the garden has been revitalized with a new layout, solar panels that help cut down on the building's carbon footprint and power bill, along withopportunities for kids at Boys and Girls Club of Carbon County to learn about plants and ecology.


Solar Flower Power

Perched atop recycled Miami Beach Chairlift towers donated from Red Lodge Mountain, with custom steel support structures inspired by flower pedals in the garden below, a 12-panel solar array was brought online at the Roosevelt Center in June 2024.


Fun Fact: In one year, our 18,000 kWh/year system makes enough juice to charge 830,135 smart phones.

Click here to view a live feed showing the array's current and historical electricity output.

Sponsors & Partners

The Roosevelt Center is thankful to have had such wonderful sponsors and local installers that helped see the solar project to fruition, including:

  • NorthWestern Energy

  • Generous Anonymous Donor

  • Red Lodge Mountain

  • Sundance Solar

  • Back Alley Metals

  • HMH Electric

  • Red Lodge Tree Service

Special thanks to Red Lodge Area Community Foundation for its "Imagine If" Community Grant. Huge credit is also due to Jannette and Jim Swanson, local volunteers who spearheaded the garden's new layout in 2023.

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