What's Happening?

Roosevelt Center Purpose Statement:

We will Restore, Reuse, and Revitalize the Roosevelt Center into art, culture, performance, reception, conference, education and community gathering space, providing both indoor and outdoor spaces for people to interact, converse, celebrate and express themselves.  We need these spaces because the community currently lacks adequately sized downtown venues for people to meet and engage with one another.

Roosevelt Center Tenant Videos

There is a lot going on inside of the Roosevelt Center, here are a few featured videos of Roosevelt Center tenants.

COVID-19 Roosevelt Center Update

The Roosevelt Center is excited to re-open and welcome everyone back to the building. We have been working hard to meet the new guidelines for safe meeting spaces and have increased safety protocols throughout the building. The staff has been working diligently on all the new health and safety procedures and are available to assist planners in making their event a safe and memorable success. The center provides several options to start getting together again, including small groups spread out in our meeting rooms and medium to larger groups now meeting in the auditorium or the outdoor space. Kat or Becky is available to help you plan your event, so stop by or give us a call at 406-425-0480 and we will be happy to guide you through the new practices for safe and responsible gatherings. Email Kat@rlacf.org  or Becky@rlacf.org

Please call the Roosevelt Center at 406-425-0480 or the Foundation at 406-446-2820 for more information.

History of the

"Revitalize Old Roosevelt" Project

The Arts have been an essential part of our history—from the cultural groups that celebrated through song and dance to the current Red Lodge School of Dance to the Carbon County Arts Guild. The artistic heritage of Red Lodge is enriched by the artists who live and work here today.  The Red Lodge Music Festival celebrated its 52nd season in June of this year. A performing arts center has been a dream for many in the Red Lodge community for many years. 

The Roosevelt Center grew out of the community's desire to create a community center for the arts.  Additionally, the community loves the "Old Roosevelt" building. This project has been and continues to be, designed to engage community members, and tourists, in identifying reuses. Except for converting the gymnasium into a performance/conference meeting area, the rooms will be left much as they always were—some will be available for break out space and other educational opportunities, and others will be rented. The original library/stage will be updated and kept intact for small performances. Visitors who attended the school will still be able to “touch” that piece of their personal history.

Learn more about the history of the project.


To help stimulate the local economy and provide an opportunity for businesses to thrive, we have opened the rooms for businesses to get to work. 

With options to share space or create a space all their own, these folks have made the Roosevelt Center home.


Many organizations use the space to bring people together.

You can book the Roosevelt Center for your next event.  Rental income helps to support the operation and maintenance of the historic building.


Volunteers help make the Roosevelt Center a vibrant home for arts and culture.  There are many ways to contribute to the Center and we are always willing to explore new and different opportunities for volunteers.